Eastbourne Access Control

If you are in a building and need to monitor who can come in and out then you are looking in the right place. Access control allows you to control who has access, essentially, giving you the assurance of knowing that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Our access control solutions in Eastbourne ensure you the maximum possible security and peace of mind. Let IPS help you in securing your property and we can promise you the best possible level of customer service at the most competitive prices. We want to make sure that all of our customers are happy and you are no exception.

Access control systems are a great alternative to a traditional lock and key system for many reasons:

  • Lost or stolen keys are no longer an issue, you can delete and replace these keys instantly
  • You can track where personnel are on a site at any time
  • Instant reaction to any identified threats
  • Keys can easily be cut, access control cards are near impossible to duplicate
  • Additional features and settings can further improve security including time locks and alarm generation

We offer two types of access control systems:

Standalone Access Control Systems:

These systems are generally used for smaller premises and each door is programmed individually.

Computer-Based Access Control Systems:

Often referred to as 'networked access control' these systems can control thousands of doors and all control is from one main computer system that can access and update all doors, these systems can grant different access levels for groups of users or individual users and offer the greatest flexibility.

IPS Keycard Access Worthing IPS Access Door Worthing IPS Keycard Access Worthing

We can provide proximity entry, code entry and biometric entry access control systems.

All of our access control systems are installed to SSAIB (Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board) standards, which ensures a well designed and installed system, for more information visit our accreditations page.

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