If you have any questions or concerns before buying our services, they may be answered below

Do I need an intruder alarm?

If you have any valuables then the answer is we strongly recommend having an intruder alarm system.

What happens if my neighbours ignore my intruder alarm going off?

Whilst we can't guarantee people won't ignore your intruder alarm going off, we can guarantee our monitoring will respond to it, for more information visit our monitoring page to ensure your intruder alarm is reacted to.

Will my pets set off my intruder alarm?

No, we offer pet friendly alarms at no extra cost which ignore your pets whilst still being burglar-proof.

Are wireless burglar alarms as good as wired burglar alarms?

Our wireless burglar alarms are of the highest quality and can easily be as reliable and effective as a traditional wired alarm, they also utilise the same keypad and SAB (external sounder) as our wired security systems and allow for wired zones as well creating a hybrid part wireless part wired intruder alarm system.

Can I arm just the downstairs areas?

Yes, all of our intruder alarms can be setup for a 'part-set' allowing you to arm the downstairs at night whilst being able to roam around upstairs, there are many other ways we can setup part-set so we can offer a solution for all circumstances.

What happens in a powercut?

All of our intruder alarms have backup batteries allowing your system to operate for at least 12 hours and in some cases much longer, after the time has passed the external sounder will activate to alert you of the system power being cut off.

Do you repair intruder alarms you haven't installed?

Yes, we can takeover your existing system, repair any faults, service it and then suggest any recommended upgrades for your overall security.

How long does it take to install an intruder alarm?

For residential properties we aim to install the intruder alarm in between 4-8 Hours, depending on the size of the property this can vary.

Will I get a reduction in insurance?

In 2008 Which? Magazine conducted a survey and found that most insurers offer a discount of between 2% and 15% on the cost of home contents insurance with a professionally installed and maintained intruder alarm.