Monitoring and Maintenance

At IPS Fire and Security, we don't just offer monitoring services on all of our security systems, but also a combined maintenance program to help maximise the efficiency and reliability of you security system.

Monitored security is the only way to guarantee your security activating ensures a response.

We offer three types of Security Monitoring:

Intruder / Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring your intruder alarm means upon activation either a designated keyholder or police will be notified and then they will choose whether to attend site, you can also pay for a guarding company to respond to the activation and upon reaching the site they will investigate and notify any keyholders.

CCTV / Security Camera Monitoring

Monitored CCTV is a great vandal / thief deterrent, upon the CCTV detectors being activated the monitoring centre will view the camera and act upon what they view, they can either play an automated message warning the intruders they are being recorded and / or contact a keyholder or police response to attend site.

Remote CCTV Tours

Remote tours are designed to offer a credible alternative to manned guarding tours, it can save substantial amounts of money compared to a manned tour whilst offering the same benefits.

Why should I have monitoring?

Our monitoring service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, your security works around the clock and for that reason so does our monitoring.

Peace of mind not only comes from having an IPS security system but by having our highly trained staff monitor your security around the clock.

Monitoring helps reduce callouts by differentiating from false and actual activations and allowing for remote resets (saving you time and money) where applicable.

IPS Security Monitoring

Ensuring your security is maintained is an essential part in keeping your property secure, IPS Fire & Security can maintain all types of security systems.

When we come to service your systems we check it is functioning as it should be, improve it where needed and fix anything that isn't functioning properly, we check all battery voltages and replace any that are likely to cause false alarms, and we ensure your monitoring is working.

We also will make sure all the equipment is clean and tidy and as discreet as possible.

Our engineers will also recommend any extra security options whilst on site to help you improve your security.

We can also investigate any activations that may have occurred since the last maintenance.

We can service / maintain the following security solutions:

  • Intruder Alarm Servicing
  • CCTV / Security Camera Servicing
  • Access Control Servicing
  • Security Shutter Servicing
  • Security Safe Servicing
  • Security Communicator Servicing
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