Portsmouth Fire Alarms

Here at IPS Fire and Security, we have been installing fire alarms in Portsmouth since our conception in 2004. There is no better company to install a fire detection and prevention system in your property, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

When a fire breaks out, it causes massive destruction and could potentially claim lives. It is extremely difficult to stop a fire once it has started so the best thing that you can do is avoid the problem before it happens. The only way you can do this is with one of our fire alarm systems.

If a fire does indeed break out, it is best to be prepared for the worst. You should always have an extinguisher to hand in these situations. Learn more about how to double your protection by pairing your fire system with our extinguishers by clicking here.

Here at IPS we can design, install and maintain all types of system, including the most common systems detailed below:

Residential Mains Link Alarms:

These fire alarms are ideal for domestic applications as they are quick and easy to install and both wired and wireless link versions are available.

Conventional Fire Alarms:

These are the most common types of fire system, all detectors and call points are wired in a circuit relating to a zone, when triggered it will tell you what zone the activation is in and from there you can manually search to find which particular zone has triggered.

Addressable Fire Alarms:

These fire alarms allow each detector and callpoint to have its own individual 'zone' meaning there is no need to search for the activation, the panel itself will provide a descriptor for the triggered device and this will tell you where it is located.

Wireless Fire Alarms:

These fire alarms are the same as addressable fire alarms but they communicate over radio, this removes the need for wiring and means the installation is less disruptive and they are easier to install, the system can also be easily moved and upgraded.

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