IPS Fire & Security are experts in the security industry. Operating for over 17 years we know exactly what works with security which is why we only use the highest quality equipment, installed with the best quality of worksmanship by our highly skilled and regularly trained engineering team. We can offer a variety of security solutions, all of which will ensure your property is protected from burglars, vandalism, squatters and more.

Intruder Alarms Worthing

The most common form of security. These alarms help keep your premises safe from burglar attacks.

CCTV Installers Worthing

We supply camera systems to help you identify potential criminals within the vicinity of your building.

Access Control Installers Worthing

Our intelligent access control systems help you secure your building and fulfil health and safety standards.

Temporary Security Worthing

The perfect solution for construction sites. Rental, wireless systems for quick and easy installation.

Residential Property Alarms Worthing

We don't install systems exclusively for commercial properties, we also supply a range of home alarms too.

Security Shutters Installers Worthing

The most effective way of keeping burglars and vandals at bay. Security shutters are simple but reliable and elegant.

Security Locks Worthing

One of the cheapest and most reliable security solutions for your building. Security locks will effectively keep unwanted people out.

Safe Suppliers Worthing

An essential solution for businesses and an effective one for homes too. Use safes to lock away your valuables and deny burglars access.

Security Monitoring and Maintenance Worthing

All of our systems come with the option to be monitored and maintained should you want it. This is a great way of maximising reliability.

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